Change of Address

Please print out from the link below and bring the completed residency and change of address form along with 2 proofs of address to your student's building secretary to update your information.
  • Verification of residency may be made by any two (2) of the following:
    1. Building permit
    2. Current lease agreement
    3. Current property tax statement
    4. Deed
    5. Mortgage document that shows ownership
    6. Rent receipt or closing statement
    7. State ID or Michigan driver’s License with current address
    8. Utility bill which verifies occupancy
    9. Voter registration card with current address
    10. Other (you will need to show this document when completing the Residency Form during enrollment)
    11. Or, by the following:  A notarized statement signed by you and the resident of West Ottawa with whom you reside for the purpose of a suitable home.