Freshman Registration

Important Dates/Times for First Year Registration & Orientation:

Freshman Registration: It is MANDATORY that all first year students attend one of the following registration sessions with a parent/guardian before the school year begins.  Crucial information about beginning your student's high school career will be shared.  See you there!

Monday, August 18th Tuesday, August 19th Tuesday, September 2nd

 9:00 am
6:30 pm
12:00 Noon
*6:30 pm
*Una sesión separada estará disponible en español
*Make-up Session 
6:30 pm
Students attending this session will not be allowed to attend the first day of school or orientation.


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This is a REQUIRED and CONFIDENTIAL form that all schools must have on file.  Completion of this form will help to increase funding from the State of Michigan.

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